1. Probably the weirdest photo I’ve ever taken. 

  2. Made a masthead today, it has a real 60’s feel to it. 

  4. meeting sketches.

  5. Confessions: MiX-MEDIA iILLUSTRATION

  6. An awesome hair font that one of my typography students made.

    (Source: alexandramatsoukas, via potatodust)

  7. Acacia at King Lake

  10. NIGHT WALK SERIES /Indian Grocer at 9.30pm 2014

     In my first year of uni I remember a particular lecture that blew my mind where we were shown a bunch of photographs, two in particular really stood out to me,Wim Wender’s Safeway and Andreas Gursky’s  99 Cent. These photos of the mundane and ordinary were somehow beautiful to me, I was impressed with the blue of the sky in safeway and with the scale the sign was shown. I loved the shadows cast from the letters as we don’t usually have signs like that in Melbourne. I also remember thinking about that door, that someone could stand out there during their lunch break, smoking a cigarette and not ever really look  up at that sign.  

    With the 99 Cent, I was struck by how ordinary and grand the subject was. The colours, lines, the rhythm and the high angle also left an impression on me. From then on my view of what could be photographed changed, and I wanted to identify with these worlds presented. This was the first time I was exposed to interesting photography and it inspired me, maybe I could  find beauty in the place I lived in, these suburbs that I had hated and criticised for not being more picturesque . So that week I went out to the markets a few suburbs away and focused on shops and signs, I was clueless about how my camera worked and just shot in auto.

    That was 9 years ago when I was 18.  In the last year and a half I have just started to take photography seriously, I am enjoying my journey so much, my next step is trying to focus more on projects and finish them. 

    So anyway, this photo is part of an ongoing love affair of dingy shops and their interiors. I was really happy with the colours and the shallow depth of field, but most of all the hand in the top right corner, waving at me. 

  11. Community Hall

    So this is another photo from my night walk the other night. I had never really paid much attention to this hall before, it is nothing special during the day, just a regular boring building from the 80’s. But when I saw that contrast of the green door and the orange bricks brightly illuminated I quickly shot it and moved on, it doesn’t bother me that it is crooked as I like imperfections. 

  12.  Empty Restaurant

    So recently I got a new camera, the Nikon D5200, and I had chosen this camera because of the image quality and also because it performs well at night (and it was in my budget range). Also, I had got my hands on a 35mm prime F1.8, this is the first time I have ever used a prime and a lens this fast. It was a joy to use, I do prefer wider but I soon adapted and experimented. I love the sharpness of this thing and the shallow depth of field I was getting. Also it was great in low light. Honestly I should of got a fast lens years ago as I love shooting in low light.

    So anyway, I finally took some photos of this empty restaurant, something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I was slightly worried as I never see anyone in here and that it might be a front for something else, like a drug den, maybe they’ll see me and then kidnap me? It was around 9.30 pm and it’s the night before the full moon, so it wasn’t too dark. I walked along the streets looking for shops  and dimly lit alleyways, my little photography companion (Buddy the dog) was my protection as I contemplated shots standing there in the dark.  This Photo walk went for 3 hours, a great way to spend a Tuesday night.

  13. Squeaky Beach 

  14. City on Tuesday night.

  15. Tara- Bulga National Park. 

    Went with my Hubby and a bunch of friends to Yarram, Wilsons Prom and Tarra-Bulga. I was trying to focus on the light, this was the first time I brought my tripod on a forest walk.